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CAN YOU FEEL THE VERN!!! We are a family vlogging channel. Let us introduce ourselves... Vern (dad), Jessica (mom) and our three daughters, Kassidy (10) Madelyn (9) and Sophia (5). We also have a BABY BOY (Jackson)! We like to chronicle all the cool things we do. We have a lot of interesting times. Lot's of laughs, tears and joy and everything else under the sun. We do daily vlogs, challenges, livestreams, how to's and other fun epic epicness. Join us as we figure out parenting and grow our new family with strong family values! We are Christian vloggers who live by the saying: "Family is everything." We are looking forward to growing with you so feel free to leave us a comment and say hello. Join us on our journey. Be sure to subscribe and hit our bell to follow along. Join our mailing list - Collabs? Business Inquiries? Contact us at

A beautiful day here in Missouri. We went for a nice walk. Kassidy wants to walk to school sooo bad so we tested it out. It was a actually a nice walk. We vlogged about it and came to a great compromise. What do you think? Is it ok to let kids (especially girls) walk to school in this day and age? #kansascity #kansascityvlogger #kansascityyoutuber #familyvloggers #familyvlogs

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